• These colorful Magnetic Building Blocks by MagneTime truly are revolutionizing the way children of today learn and play!
  • Not only do these magnetic blocks provide children with hours of entertainment, they also ENHANCE CREATIVITY and PROMOTE HEALTHY BRAIN DEVELOPMENT.
  • They do this by helping a child improve his or her cognition, motor skills, spatial abilities and divergent thinking.
  • Each package includes a total of 30 PIECES @ retail price of $39.95. (You will receive 12 triangles and 18 squares in a variety of fun colors.)
  • These geometric building blocks are 100% SAFE for children ages 3 and older as they are made out of TOXIC-FREE ABS PLASTIC.



Did you know that the early years of one's childhood are incredibly crucial to the development of the brain? Well, it's true and also why educators along with parents are constantly searching for ways to engage the imaginations of children with specialty toys.


If this sounds familiar, let us introduce you to the newest tool that is providing modern children with an enjoyable way to learn & play at the same time.


These Magnetic Building Blocks by MagneTime are the #1 preferred choice among parents and teachers for a number of reasons.


For starters, they are easy to connect or disconnect, they maintain their magnetism and they are made out of a high quality ABS plastic that is SAFE and TOXIC-FREE. Regularly playing with these building blocks is known to engage your child's creativity, promote healthy brain function and improve their cognitive abilities.


Each set of magnetized building blocks includes a total of 30 PIECES in a variety of FUN COLORS; 12 triangles & 18 squares.


*30 Piece Set

*Safe & Toxic-Free

*Strong & Durable

*Vibrant Colors


Well, what are you waiting for?

It's time to let your little one explore his or her imagination to the fullest.


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